The sense for business of the Katalinic family and Ivan Katalinic in collaboration with an American corporation Bandag resulted in a tire renovation plant in Gerovo and, in 1990, a company for tire protection by a 'Bandag' technical procedure, one of the most modern and advanced procedures in automobile tire renovation.
A tire protected by 'Bandag' material in Katalinic plant for tire renovation really becomes a new tire that can last longer under the same driving conditions in comparison to a MICHELIN tire. The price of a renovated tire is 60% of the price of a the new tire which is why the owners of vehicle fleets find them economically interesting and challenging in today’s conditions that demand money saving and ecological consciousness. Car tire renewal by the Bandag' technological procedure has brought fourth tire renewal with implementation of other 'warm', and later on 'cold' procedures, as well as application of other materials, but 'Bandag' remained the leading company when it comes to technology, quality and kilometers driven with the tire renewed by 'Bandag' technological procedure.
Even though the Katalinic family succeeded in managing the Protektor-Bandag-Katalinic company and promoting the automobile tire renewal program by western world’s standards which was unthinkable at the time, they could never leave the forest business.
Since the Protektor-Bandag-Katalinic company is located in the heart of the forest of Gorski kotar county, they continued the business of forest exploitation, and in 1994 they built a sawmill in Gerovo and continued to saw process lumber.

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