Katalinić Sawmill in Gerovo processes about 12 000 m3 of lumber per year, 4 000 m3 of which is beech.
Fir material is on the Croatian market while the beech material is exported to Italy, Spain, China, Egypt and other countries.
Together with its sister company ˝Pilana Krasno˝ (the Krasno sawmill), Katalinić sawmill fulfills the lumber processing and export capacities. The two companies are closely connected by business, family and ownership relations and are respectable companies in Croatian economy.

Company Pilana Krasno d.o.o. Gerovo was founded in 1997. The facilities of the sawmill are located in Senj, or more precisely, in Krasno polje, located in the very heart of the forest of Velebit. The plant is located near the roads Otočac - Zagreb, Senj - Split,
Senj - Rijeka, Otočac – Split, that is, the road to Dalmatia.
The sawmill has a long tradition. The beginning of the production of the sawmill is traced to 1928 when it was registered in the court register and after going through some changes in the ownership and many troubled times, it continues to work even today. The reason of its survival is most definitely the fact that the sawmill is the main source of profit of Krasno’s population and Senj’s industrial production. Still, survival wouldn’t be possible if the sawmill wasn’t located near enormous amounts of raw material - the forest that provides it with wood.

Production technology of the Krasno sawmill is constantly developing and, today, the sawmill works with state of the art machines and it processes about 30 000 m3 of lumber, 14 000 m3 of which is beech.
Fir tree products – fir material is on the Croatian market while the beech material is exported to Italy, Spain, China, Egypt and other countries.

For further processing of the material, there is a plant within the sawmill for beech components production Sv. Juraj.
Today, all components are being sold on the Italian market, although there has been an increase in demand on other markets as well.
There is considerable effort in Krasno sawmill in improving the final lumber processing, therefore a drier and steam system (capacity of which is 250 m3) has been installed, and with a new hall (that is just being finished) the sawmill will have a more intense final processing and making of soft wood strip flooring, cylinders and other fir and beech products.

Today, the sawmill has 50 – 58 workers, mostly residents of Krasno and neighboring villages. The future of the sawmill is secure unless some factors or changes on the market influence the business. The future mostly depends on the raw material sources and the location of the sawmill in the heart of Velebit and its forests.
Since 1997 when the Katalinić family completely took over the company, the Krasno sawmill hasn’t stopped working, and in spite of considerable obstacles, workers’ payment, legal obligations, delivery to the buyers have never been compromised.

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